Settlers of Catan

A group of programmers at Northwestern University have been developing an online version of my favorite board game, The Settlers of Catan, the 1995 German game of the year. After playing the real board game you can appreciate the ease and speed in which the online version, code named Columbus, will allow. Quick set up, fast moves and best of all you don’t have to wait while some idiot asks every player 3 times if the have any wheat (sorry Chas).
The programming for this online Beta version looks great, but they are in dire need of a visual designer to take this thing to the next level. I can only dream of how awesome this game would play in a Macromedia Flash environment.
If anyone thinks they got game let me know � we’ll battle.
After visiting the Mayfair Games website I notice they have created a travel version of Settlers. Great, now I don’t have to lug around my euge box.

— August 27th, 2003

One Response to “Settlers of Catan”

  1. Todd says:

    PLay that online until you are sick!