Fruit Memory for iPad

I’ve launched my first iPad application, a game I designed for my kids who love to play memory card games. My sons (not including baby Dylan) are 4 and 6 years old. It was a lot of fun using them for ideas on the graphics, features and sounds. Seeing their eyes light up was priceless when I showed then the initial designs and especially when we had a working game on the iPad.

Fruit Memory HD

The game was designed to play with 1-4 players and is a perfect family activity. Even young kids understand the concept right away. The game is live and available for download on the iTunes Store for $.99. If you like it, a star rating and review would be much appreciated.

Designing for the iPad is a lot of fun. I can imagine it will be fun to design for the iPhone 4 high-res screen as well, something I plan to do soon.

Fruit Memory HD

Fruit Memory HD

Application page | iTunes Store Page

— July 2nd, 2010

One Response to “Fruit Memory for iPad”

  1. David says:

    Great game, saw your tweet and decided to give it a go. No regrets. What did you use to build it?